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The Children of Mother Glory

Michele Harris
photo of Michele

Michele (C.M.) Harris has written a probing and powerful novel involving issues of sexual identity, pacifism and toxicity in the environment over the past 100 years. With multiple protagonists facing a world that is judgmental to gay/lesbian/trans/pacifist people, Michele takes us for a walk in the shoes of the "other", helping us to understand the issues from many directions.

Peter Phippen's Song of the Soul

Peter Phippen
Peter Phippen

Peter Phippen started his musical career playing bass in a country western band, making good money, at the age of only 12. His search for the instrument of his soul was fulfilled when he met the bamboo flute 23 years ago. He's a regional icon on the flute, as both a composer and performer. Raised mostly non-religious, Peter considers himself a spiritualist with great affection for the Tao Te Ching.

ENPH - Environmental Public Health At Work

Crispin Pierce
Caleb Johnson
Patrick Bloecher
photo of two students who participated

A visit with 3 folks with the ENPH program - Environmental Public Health - at UW-EC, a training ground for professionals working with the intersection of public health and the environment. Crispin Pierce is the director of the program and Caleb Johnson and Patrick Bloecher are seniors in the program. At the same time they do the public work with ENPH, they are transformed personally by the experience.


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