The End of Juvenile Prison

Nell Bernstein
Nell Bernstein

Burning Down the House: The End of Juvenile Prison, by Nell Bernstein, takes an unflinching look at the travesty we call juvenile prison. She has an unequivocal solution - get rid of them. With some 20 years of knowing the system and by telling the stories of the victims of it, Nell explores the history, reform, trends, and consequences of the "reformatories" which do the exact opposite of their supposed purpose.

The Chimpanzee Chronicles and Growing Compassion

Debra Rosenman

Debra Rosenman is author of the upcoming collection, The Chimpanzee Chronicles: Spellbinding Stories from Behind the Bars, about our closest animal cousin. It's about increasing understanding & compassion, something Debra also does through her workshops on Journey into the Animal Heart Circles and by her private practice as a Certified Rubenfeld Synergist and Somatic Archaeologist.

Changing the World With a Guitar

Peter Alsop
Peter Alsop
Peter Alsop is a singer/songwriter/worldchanger whose songs can be deep and moving, but frequently use humor to invite us to look at something new and life-altering. Violence, Food, Risk-taking, Societal Privilege and many more issues are in his non-violent sights!  
All the songs in this program are performed by Peter Alsop
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