Simple Aussie Folk

Mandy Breeze
Mandy Breeze

Mandy Breeze and Doug Kelly take traditional folk tunes, mostly, and transform them into vibrant, living stories and culture. With rich, beautiful vocals and creative, engaging instrumentals, you'll discover a love for traditional songs with modern impact.

All the songs in this program are performed by Mandy Breeze & Doug Kelly, and, unless otherwise noted, they are of traditional origins:

Worldly Australian Rant and Romp

Doug Kelly
Doug Kelly

Consider the names of Doug Kelly's bands over the past 35 years: Tansey's Fancy, Churinga, Sirocco, and Simple Folk, and you've got to suspect that there's something different going on here. Australian-based, Doug plays passionately and provocatively on a wide array of instruments from around the world, wedding traditional forms and tunes to evolving creativity.

Michael Neely's Song of the Soul

Michael Neely
flag of Australia

Michael Neely lives in Canberra, the federal capital city of Australia. His family hosted me as I traveled with a Quaker group called the Friendly FolkDancers and Michael agreed, on the spur of the moment to share the music that speaks of his soul and talk about his life as an Australian, Catholic-raised, now attending Quaker meeting.

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