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Dean Magraw
Dean Magraw

Dean Magraw is some kind of awesome on the guitar, not just technically, but spiritually. Dean defies labels and limites - musically & spiritually - with one review saying, quite accurately that Dean is a Jazz cat, a folkie, a rock star, a front-porch bluegrass picker, a bluesman, ... and more. He's located in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, but the universe is his oyster.

Past/current religious/spiritual influences:

Buddhist, Catholic, Congregational, Quaker, Transcendendal Meditation

Drawing on the Well of Music

Sherry Minnick
Sherry Minnick

Sherry Minnick is rich in music, having been a Twin Cities mainstay in the Bluegrass genre, but she has a special passion for old timey songs. And though she's very skillful on the guitar, a capella singing has the deepest appeal for her. She's moving and funny, talented and resourceful, and very personable. She led 2 different diverse youth chorus groups for 17 years, showcasing spiritual music from many sources, including Jewish, Navajo, South African, and much more.

Hot Music & Warm Heart from a Cold Clime - George McCorkell of The May North

George McCorkell

George McCorkell is central to & primary songwriter for The May North, a band that self-proclaims that they perform "bluegrass without boundaries, folk without pretense, honest storytelling without apology". They're right!


Denise Jordan Finley
photo of Denise Jordan Finley singing & playing guitar in concert

Denise Jordan Finley performs in a duo with Daniel Pagdon as Finley and Pagdon. Denise has decades of experience with other duos and configuration, but the real suprise is that she's only really got her stride as a songwriter in the 12 years or so. With music rooted in folk or Americana, she ranges to bluegrass, jazz and much more. As a non-conforming believer, directing music in the Presbyterian Church, she's a deep soul and a musical voyageur.

Kate MacLeod's Song of the Soul

Kate MacLeod
photo of Kate

Singer/songwriter Kate MacLeod was a Utah violin-maker, but became a performer when push came to shove. The fiddle/violin is her special instrument among the other instruments she plays, but my favorite is her voice. Catholic raised, Quaker at present, she’s a story-teller, a folk singer, a blue grass virtuoso.

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