Chippewa Valley

Extinct, In Our Hearts

B.J. Hollars

We care about & for that which we know, so B.J. Hollars leads us into Flock Together: A Love Affair with Extinct Birds. While captivating & enjoyable, B.J. also narrates a story that is deeply compelling in how we live in relationship to our world. He is founder of Chippewa Valley Writers Guildand associate professor of English at UW-Eau Claire.

Inner Pippi - Sue Orfield's Song of the Soul

Sue Orfield
Sue Orfield

Sue Orfield is a dynamo of music in the Chippewa Valley and far beyond, performing with a double-digit number of groups. Her musical tastes and skills are equally wide-ranging, although her instrument of choice is the sax and she's especially renowned for her swing & jazz music. Whether it's with the Sue Orfield Band, the Tiptons Saxophone Quartet or AcoustiHOO, the music has energy and creativity.

Songs included in this program:

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