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Watchmen from Castles In Air - Chris Picco's Song of the Soul

Chris Picco
Chris Picco

Chris Picco is lead singer of Castles In Air, a Christian Indie band in Southern California. He's originally from Canada and part of his path to settling here with his American wife included a period in NYC helping out after 9/11/2001. His love of music is profound as you'll see on youtube, as is his Christian faith.

More Light - Christopher Grundy's Song of the Soul

Christopher Grundy

Christopher Grundy is a UCC minister and teaches at Eden Theological Seminary in St Louis and he's one of the founders of a group called the Progressive Christian Artists Network. His songs are filled with vivid images and diverse subjects, including even one ghost story!

Memories - Warren Petryk's Song of the Soul

Warren Petryk
Warren Petryk

Warren Petryk has done a lot of music, with a group called The Memories, as part of Taize-style worship, with the Chippewa Valley Symphony and, of course, on his tapes and CD's. He's deeply rooted in Christianity with great appreciation in the ways God shows through all of Creation and the writings of many other religions.

All the songs in this program are performed by Warren Petryk on his CD, from Be Still, My Soul:

Tom Allen's Song of the Soul

Tom Allen
photo of Tom Allen playing guitar in front of what appears to be a pile of wooden crates.

Tom Allen is very involved in Transcendental Mediation, Men's work, and working for world peace, especially on the spiritual plane. He's a talented guitarist of many styles - classical, jazz and much more. In addition he has a long history with Christian praise bands, A COURSE IN MIRACLES, and other contemporary expressions of Christ's energy.

Bryan Sirchio's Song of the Soul

Bryan Sirchio
photo of Bryan

Singer/songwriter Bryan Sirchio is an ordained minister of the United Church of Christ, and his passions include his frequent trips to and service in Haiti - and, of course, his music. He’s been my guest for Spirit In Action, highlighting some of the many songs he’s written on Peace and Justice themes, but today he’s just back from Haiti to share his spiritual journey through his Song of the Soul.

All the songs in this program are by Bryan Sirchio:

Greg Farley's Song of the Soul

Greg Farley
Greg holding his electric guitar, and looking off to his left

Greg Farley started learning guitar around 10, and came back to it after several other instruments. Raised Catholic, he sought a better fitting spiritual home, studied with Jehovah's Witnesses, eventually settling, more-or-less, in charismatic Christian circles. His Song of the Soul is comprised of original compositions by Greg, from his new CD called For All To See.

Greg can be contacted at (715) 839-0135 or emailed at about his CD or to arrange a performance by him and his band, PS150

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