Ep 20 When the oil folks embraced the wind

Grant Samms
Chantal Bilodeau

Grant Samms was curious about the expansion of wind energy in Western Oklahoma, especially in the oil town of Woodward. He expected to see a lot of conflict there. Turns out there was no conflict. Because of their identity as energy producers, the citizens of Woodward found a way to weave wind energy extraction into their lives and enconomy. 

Citizens’ Climate Radio Ep. 5: Diving into climate denial

Angel Collinson, Andres Forno, Bessie Schwarz, Cathy Orlando
Citizens Climate Radio

Ah, climate denial: a constant companion. It has distracted climate advocates and slowed down public discussion and political action. As a result, climate activists and comics have gotten downright snarky and angry at people who are skeptical of climate science. In this episode, we bring in climate advocates and communication experts to explore what might be behind the denial and how to respond.

Spirit In The Digital Age: Quakers & Technology

Madeline Schaefer
Martin Kelley
Stephen Dotson
Chris Pifer
Aaron Crosman
Spirit In The Digital Age: Quakers & Technology

In this episode, Spirit in the Digital Age, producer Madeline Schaefer takes a look at the role of technology in spirituality and, specifically, with Quakers. Included are interviews with Martin Kelley about and the convergent Friends movement; Stephen Dotson and Facebook; Chris Pifer and Aaron Crosman on what makes a Quaker website, "Quaker"; and the diary of a one week "Technology Fast."

Purple Peace Wagon - War and Peace Talk Between Parents and Kids - Judith Myers-Walls

Judith Myers-Walls
Judith Myers-Walls

Purple Wagon is the site of Perdue Professor Emerita of Child Development & Family Studies, Judith Myers-Walls. In 1989 she began research and applications around parent/child communication about war & peace, a passion that comes out of her background with the Church of the Brethren, one of the traditional peace churches

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