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3 Western Friend Essays

Western Friend is part of my regular reading, full of deep, innovative, rooted articles by real people, all brought together under the creative magic of Mary Klein. In each issue she brings together profound thoughts & insights in amazingly few words. Here are a few of her editorials/intros/overviews we've included in our Essays & Thoughts program collection, read by Mary.

The Beloved Community Includes Many Campgrounds

Girls on the Run

Kim Gillette
Kim Gillette

Girls on the Run is a program for young girls, seeking to ensure that "every girl knows and activates her limitless potential and is free to boldly pursue her dreams". The primary program works with girls in 3rd-5th grades, and another curriculum deals with girls of middle school age, teaching life skills through dynamic, interactive lessons and running games. Our guest is Kim Gillette, Council Director of Eau Claire's Girls on the Run Council.

The Whole-Brain Path to Peace - James Olson

James Olson

James Olson is the author of The Whole-Brain Path to Peace about the role of left and right brain dominance in the polarization and reunification of America. It's an investigation into the effects of brain perspective on government, corporate life, war, and our personal lives. James Olson is a management-trained philosopher with studies in business, engineering, art, eastern and western religion, yoga, qigong, neuro-linguistic programming, philosophy and brain perspective. Plus, he's a former farmer & church deacon.

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