Death and Taxes - Karen Brandow

Karen Brandow
Death & Taxes - Karen Brandow

Karen Brandow is a political activist whose association with Charlie King has led her to use music as one of her tools for change. 2 issues at the forefront for Karen are War Taxes & The Death Penalty. Karen spent 8 years in Central America, doing accompaniment & other work, was raised in a culturally Jewish household, is trained as a spiritual director.

Theatre for Transformation - Black History on Stage

Amanda Kemp
Dave Eversole
Vanessa Ballard
Mary Ferrell
Theatre for Transformation
  Theatre for Transformation is drama designed to open eyes and instigate change. With a cast that is mostly black, their productions often touch on the history and present of USA's racism, seeking to reclaim history so it can be dealt with and its consequences resolved.  

Forgiveness, Holistic Therapy and Ann Recine

Ann Recine
Ann Recine

Ann Recine is working for the world's healing in many ways - she is a Nurse Practitioner with a Holistic Therapy LLC (715-379-5331, 515 S Barstow, Eau Claire), specializing in forgiveness and mindfulness meditation. She is a Third Order Franciscan, and she is also an organizer in the Voices for Peace Institute.

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