Light, Learning, Hip-Hop, and the Darkside

Rabbi Darkside
Rabbi Darkside

Rabbi Darkside's website tells us to "Use the force to enter" - enter the world of Hip Hop culture and rap music and alternative ways of connecting the world. Sam Sellers is Rabbi Darkside, a creative, emotive, healing force who was raised Jewish and self-describes as a secular humanist who practices Kum Nye meditation.

Unbelief, Rejoicing, & Tears Through Hip Hop/Rap - AGAPE

David Scherer
photo of David Scherer, also known as AGAPE

AGAPE* (David Scherer) does deep, searching, inspirational, hip-hop/rap music calling listeners to a closer connection to God. Son of hippie-Lutheran parents, the lone white kid in an inner city school, Dave comes from great stuff and leads us there as well. Completely real, Dave is a tonic for those who despair of real Spirit in the Church.

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