Star by Moon

Idris Phillips
Idris Phillips

Idris Phillips has been making superb music with wonderful artists for close to 40 years, and finally he's released his first CD, Star By Moon, this one emphasizing his folk roots, but promising his jazz, blues, and other styles in future recordings. His guitar & keyboards are magic, and his lyrics triple-deep, in the listener's ear, in Idris' personal experience, & in the mystical truths they name.

Past/current religious/spiritual influences:

On the Ground in Afghanistan - Santwana Dasgupta

Santwana Dasgupta
Santwana Dasgupta
Santwana Dasgupta is Director of the Partnership for the Education of Children in Afghanistan (P.E.C.A) for the past 2 years, working from Kabul. The path to Afghanistan grew from her youth in India, the events of 9-11 and from her work with Friends for a Non-violent World (FNVW).  
Music Featured:

Update from Iraq: Sami Rasouli Back in the USA

Sami Rasouli
Sami Rasouli
  Sami Rasouli returned to Iraq after more than 20 years in the USA to rebuild the country and found the Muslim Peacemaker Teams. Combining love of his birthplace in Iraq with love of his home in the Midwest, Sami let's us see the people of both places as "us".  
Music Featured:
Shekhani - Chaldean Folk Dance from Iraq


Religion & Society Exchange - Sahar Taman & Rabbi Jeremy Schneider

Sahar Taman
Rabbi Jeremy Schneider
Religion & Society Exchange

Project of the National Peace Foundation and the Islamic Society of North AmericaReflections and Experiences of Religion and Society includes essays from the participants in the exchange program between Muslims, Jews & Christians between the Middle East & the US Midwest.

Walk With Us: Triplet boys, their teen parents & 2 white women who tagged along - Elizabeth Gordon

Elizabeth Gordon
Walk With Us

Elizabeth Gordon recounts the spiritual & cultural odyssey in her newly released book, Walk With Us. When she and her female partner take into their home a 14-year old expecting triplets, it is a learning experience on multiple levels, mixing as it did Black Muslims and white Quakers, straight and gay, not to mention the generational differences. Elizabeth recounts the deeply emotional and powerfully spiritual twists and turns of helping raise 3 beautiful baby boys in trying circumstances.

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