Steadfast Nonviolence on the West Bank - Iyad Burnat

Iyad Burnat
Iyad Burnat

Iyad Burnat is a full-time non-violent activist against the Israeli occupation in Bel'in, in the West Bank. Jailed numerous times, dedicated to the creative act of non-violence, Iyad has 4 children and is currently speaking for 3 months in the USA, sharing first-hand experience of activism. His village has had some success in facing down the expropriation of their land, including at the Israeli High Court.

Dancing Peace in Cuba & Around the World

Peter D'Angelo
Lynn D'Angelo
Demi Miller
Rosemary Coffey
Sandra Helpsmeet
Mark Helpsmeet
Kathy Lipp-Farr
Barry Beal
Friendly FolkDancers Cuba

The Friendly FolkDancers have been "Dancing the World Together" through international folk dance since 1986, and they toured in Cuba in 2010, Rwanda in 2008, Kenya in 1996, and many other place in other years. With a ministry of peace and connection, they've prayed with their full bodies and learned with each step. This program was recorded in Cuba in November 2010.

Religion & Society Exchange - Sahar Taman & Rabbi Jeremy Schneider

Sahar Taman
Rabbi Jeremy Schneider
Religion & Society Exchange

Project of the National Peace Foundation and the Islamic Society of North AmericaReflections and Experiences of Religion and Society includes essays from the participants in the exchange program between Muslims, Jews & Christians between the Middle East & the US Midwest.

Sr Judie (Judith Ann) Wagener - A Life of Community and Service

Judie Wagener

Judith Ann Wagener has been a School Sister of Notre Dame since 1961, a period that has seen vast changes in American society and in the Catholic Church. She started as a teacher but followed a leading into pastoral ministry over 20 years ago, for the last 9 with St James the Greater Catholic Church in Eau Claire.

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