Joanne Rand

Psychedelic Folk Revival in the Country - Joanne Rand, Part 2

Joanne Rand
photo of Joanne Rand with a flower in her hair

Joanne Rand melds elements of folk/rock/country/classical and more in her songs, all of them infused with a root-deep connection to nature, peace, and roving ways. A lover of trees, whales, peace, and her Georgia-based family, she uses her music to connect all.

Treehouse Living, Stars Are Singing - Joanne Rand, Part 1

Joanne Rand
photo of Joanne Rand lying in the green leaves

Joanne Rand overcame her shyness because of her need to sing people together in care for the Earth. Having lived way off the grid, in a tree house, she's walked the walk, from growing up in Georgia to parenthood in Northern California, where she listens to the song of the stars.

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