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Billy Jonas

There are many ways to participate in world healing, among them by inspiring us to come together - even folks from the other side, and what better way to do that with song, humor, compassion, and Billy Jonas. Billy is a creative genius and musical pied piper, leading us where we need to go, and doing it by example, not lecture.

Past/current religious/spiritual influences:


The Whole-Brain Path to Peace - James Olson

James Olson

James Olson is the author of The Whole-Brain Path to Peace about the role of left and right brain dominance in the polarization and reunification of America. It's an investigation into the effects of brain perspective on government, corporate life, war, and our personal lives. James Olson is a management-trained philosopher with studies in business, engineering, art, eastern and western religion, yoga, qigong, neuro-linguistic programming, philosophy and brain perspective. Plus, he's a former farmer & church deacon.

If the Church Were Christian - Philip Gulley

Philip Gulley
Philip Gulley

Philip Gulley is the author of 16 books to date, including the popular fictional series based in Harmony, Indiana. Phil's latest is If the Church Were Christian: Rediscovering the Values of Jesus, and it is a powerful challange to the anti-gay, pro-war, pro-wealth messages of Christians out of step with Jesus.

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