Ahead of the Storm - Nici Peper

Nici Peper
Nici Peper

Listen to Nici Peper and you'll know why she won the title of Minneapolis's most authentic artist at the Wholly Guacamole contest. Whether performing solo, as part of Firefly, with The Big Smooch, or in other configurations, Nici radiates. Titles like indie, Americana, folk, etc, do not capture the reality of this love-based, Lutheran-raised, intense and deep woman who delights in performing in rowdy dive bars.

Past/current religious/spiritual influences:


Welcoming LGBT and the Other - Equality Wisconsin Voices of Faith Project

Lizzi Dahlk
David Huber
Scott Miller
Equality Wisconsin

Lizzi Dahlk, Voices of Faith Coordinator of Equality Wisconsin, works to unite people of faith in making Wisconsin a more welcoming & just place for LGBT folks and all folks who get treated as "Other". Today she's joined by David Huber of Plymouth UCC and Scott Miller of First Lutheran Church, both in Eau Claire.

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