The Red Road (to Nashville?)

Bill Miller

Bill Miller is a 3-time Grammy Awards winner, a Mohican Indian from Northern Wisconsin, and a Nashville-based singer-songwritter of incredible & diverse musical talents. He'll be the headliner at LaCrosse, WI's Great River Folk Festival Sunday afternoon concert, August 27, 2017.

Past/current religious/spiritual influences:

Baptist, Catholic, Evangelical Christian, Native American

At Whole In the Universe: From Sweden, Brazil, & Nashville

Ida Kristin
Ida Kristin

Ida Kristin's latest release, along with David Llewellyn, is Songs Around the Kitchen Table. Hailing from Sweden, with maternal Brazilian influences, and living part-time in Nashville, Ida leads hearts and souls to stir, ponder, & laugh, even more potently when paired with Welshman David. Inspired by biological science, tried by hardship, and rooted in meditation, Ida sings a powerful song of the soul.

Karen Taylor-Good's Song of the Soul

Karen Taylor-Good
Karen Taylor-Good

Karen Taylor-Good is from Nashville and over the years she's made important splashes in that sizeable music pool. Her songs have been nominated for Grammys and she's recorded with a number of well-known performers like Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson & Kenny Rogers. Deeper glimpses of the power of her life show through her work with The Planet Earth Project, Hospice organizations and through her Jewish and Unity roots.

Reluctant Daughter - Sally Barris' Song of the Soul

Sally Barris
Sally Barris

Sally Barris is pure Minnesota-raised, but she found her musical home in Nashville, first as a music writer, and now as a singer/songwriter. With a beautiful voice and a loving spirit, her music is both moving and meaningful.

All the songs in this program are written & performed by Sally Barris

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