True Power: A Powerful Nonviolent Anti-nuclear Simple Living (Blind) Woman

Nelia Sargent
Nelia Sargent

Nelia Sargent is a life-long activist, with decades under her belt doing and teaching nonviolence methods, coming of age with the anti-nuclear organization called the Clamshell Alliance. She's chair of the board of the Albert Einstein Institution, founded by Gene Sharp to advance the study & use of nonviolent action.

Scattering Good Down the Mississippi - Paddle for the Planet Students

Paddle for the Planet
  5 students from Scattergood Friends School are headed down the Mississippi for Paddle for the Planet, a 1-month educational journey of environmental discovery. Colby, Sophia, Sam, Jamiah & Mary have studied renewable energy, river fish, the Gulf's dead zone, phenology & useful plants in preparation.  
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