Nuclear Power

Earth Movements & Music - Current Issues, Actions, and Songs

Si Kahn
Chuck LeMonds
Tom Neilson
Pat Humphries
Alice Di Micele
Earth Day 2014

A number of musicians sharing their songs about the environmental issues of our day (and progress being made) - fracking, frac sand mining, the loss of the honeybees, global warming, incineration, fossil fuels, and mining. Includes Si Kahn, Tom Neilson, Chuck LeMonds, Emma's Revolution, and Alice Di Micele.

Nuclear Sanity? Investigating Nuclear Power

Karen Street
Karen Street

Karen Street had a jarring experience in 1995 - she found that her prejudices and beliefs opposing nuclear power were ill-founded, and that the alternatives were doing much greater damage to people, other animals & the Earth. Carefully researched and examined, Karen provides a compelling, compassionate case for using nuclear power.

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