Redwoods, Poisons, Free Speech & Medicinal Pot - Healing Work from Mendocino

Ed Nieves
Ed Nieves

Ed Nieves is coordinator of the Mendicino Environmental Center (MEC) in Ukiah, CA, a place and an organization which has been at the center of cutting edge change to improve the world, starting locally. Saving the Redwoods, banning pesticides & herbicides, legalizing medical marijuana, protecting free speech - there's a locus of community healing issuing from Mendocino County, MEC, and station KMEC-LP.

Time Heals All - Timebanks & Composting

Jamie Pappas
Zacharious Pappas
Time Heals All - Timebanks & Composting

Jamie & Zacharious Pappas dabble in magic - the magical transformations that are possible through creative processes that make bounty & beauty out of our detritus and down-time. First they founded the Chippewa Valley Timebank, knitting community out of spare talents, and now they are launching Earthbound Environmental Solutions to make rich soil out of organic waste typically buried in landfills.

Earth Movements & Music - Current Issues, Actions, and Songs

Si Kahn
Chuck LeMonds
Tom Neilson
Pat Humphries
Alice Di Micele
Earth Day 2014

A number of musicians sharing their songs about the environmental issues of our day (and progress being made) - fracking, frac sand mining, the loss of the honeybees, global warming, incineration, fossil fuels, and mining. Includes Si Kahn, Tom Neilson, Chuck LeMonds, Emma's Revolution, and Alice Di Micele.

John Ikerd - Sustainable Agriculture, Local Food

John Ikerd
John Ikerd
John Ikerd was the keynote speaker for the 2008 Midwest Value Added Agriculture conference, held in Eau Claire. Agricultural economics is his field, and his work with with sustainable agriculture and the move toward localization of food.  
The conference is hosted annually by River Country Resource Conservation and Development Council, Inc.
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