Resisting Empire -- Daniel 5

Peterson Toscano
Liam Hooper

Liam Hooper presents a story of empire and the various subversive ways Daniel survived and resisted the Babylonian Empire. Often oppressed people must caretake their oppressors. This is true for LGBTQ people and many others. This deep dive into Daniel chapter five raises many questions about how to resist oppressions. 

Peterson Toscano presents "an other text," a bilingual reading of Federico Garcia Lorca's poem, Madrigales

Love Thy Neighbor Advocacy

Christine Ashley
Katie Breslin

Government of, by, & for the People is built by the kind of Spirit that Christine Ashley & Katie Breslin draw on to make flourish the work of FCNL, as Quaker Field Secretary & Young Adult Program Manager, respectively. They make advocacy rewarding & lively from their offices facing the Hart Senate Office Building in D.C.

Youth & Anti-Gun Violence

Bonni Knight
Zaria Whitacre
Thomas Finegar

Part 2 of visits with participants of the March For Our Lives witness in St Paul, MN, Eau Claire, WI, and Washington, DC, with special focus on the voices & work of youth. Bonni Knight taught HS French & public speaking skills for many years & writes for VolumeOne, ZariaWhitacre has been active with a number of clubs & organizations, among them Amnesty International, and Thomas Finegar's passion is theater at Atholtan HS in Columbia, MD.

Interfaith United

Mark Helpsmeet
Kathy Reid Walker
David Huber
Amy Renshaw
Sahar Taman
Dean Simpson
Tom Chisholm
Interfaith United

A letter about Interfaith collaboration was published in Eau Claire's Leader-Telegram on 12/2/17, signed by 33 representatives of various faiths in the Chippewa Valley. The joint letter was in response to a local congregation featuring an ex-Muslim Christian convert who was to speak warning of the dangers of Interfaith dialogue. Seven people from different faiths read the communal letter.


Prays Well With Others

Bob Lesniewski
Kathy Reid Walker
Sarah Harless
Suzon Gordon
Imam Tammer Abdelaziz
Hyejung Hwang
Lama Yeshe
Alicia Reed
Tom Krieg

In an atmosphere where so often there is religious intolerence & distrust, it's beautiful to see diverse spiritual communities sharing deeply together. At Eau Claire's Interfaith Prayer Service for Peace & Unity, conceived by Bob Lesniewski, a Benedictine oblate, prayers were shared from Presbyterian, Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist, Ba'hai, Catholic, & Quaker representatives. It was a rich sharing of diverse faiths, warming a cold winter night. The next Eau Claire Interfaith Prayer Service will be May 23, 2018. When will yours be?


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