Citizens Climate Radio Ep 10 Aaron Thier and a global warming novel

Aaron Thier
Clara Fang
Aaron Thier, author

Storytelling is a vital skill to have when talking about climate change. Through his new climate change-themed book Mr. Eternity, Aaron Thier takes readers on a 1,000 year odyssey. The main character calls himself Daniel Defoe. We never learn his real name. Old Dan can't seem to die. Five different narrators in five different periods from 1500 to 2500 bump into this traveler. Aaron talks about the novel and reads excerpts. Also, poet and environmentalist, Clara Fang, reads her poem, Love in the Time of Climate Change.

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Chandler Green
Lilace Mellin Guignard
Elke Arnesen
Natasha DeJarnett
Jalone White-Newsome
Ashley Mazanec

Guest host for the week is Peterson Toscano of Citizens' Climate Radio, speaking with Chandler Green on discussing climate issues with Republicans, poet & writer Lilace Mellin Guignard, Elke Arnesen of the Put A Price On It campaign, Dr. Natasha DeJarnett on the health risks of a warmer planet, Dr.

Poet Laureate & Eggplant Heroes

Max Garland
Eggplant Heroes

Max Garland is a professional backslider, was Wisconsin's Poet Laureate 2013-2015, and makes music as part of Eggplant Heroes. With deep roots in Western Kentucky and a 'lover's quarrel' with the religion of his childhood, Max retired recently from teaching in the UW-EC English Dept.. Look for the bonus song & excerpts!

Lean Into the Light

Carrie Newcomer
Carrie Newcomer

Our third visit with musician/poet/artist extraordinaire, Carrie Newcomer, during her visit to the 2015 FGC gathering at Western Carolina University. Along with the release of her 15th album, A Permeable Life, Carrie released her first book, of poetry, by the same name. Carrie's gentle spirit and her deep and persistent passions combine with her music to make world-changing songs.

Blue Pills and Butterflies - Annie Lanzillotto's Song of the Soul

Annie Lanzillotto
photo of annie

Annie Lanzillotto rocks it! Soulful, quirky, sweet, brash, indomitable, she produces a variety of art - 3 rock/blues/spoken word CDs (Blue Pill, Carry My Coffee, and Eleven Recitations), a memoir, L is for Lion: An Italian Bronx Butch Freedom Memoir, a book of poetry, Schistsong, and much more performance art, some available on her site.

Mary Rose O'Reilley, Quaker Buddhist Shepherd with a Love of Impermanent Things

Mary Rose O'Reilley
Mary Rose O'Reilley

Mary Rose O'Reilley is an author, a contemplative and an activist. Author of (at least) 6 books and many more publications, she lives with a concern for the kind of centerness which allows us to live fruitfully and faithfully in the world.

Raised Catholic, attuned to Buddhist thought, and a longtime Quaker activist, she brings rich and diverse perspective to her writing.

Among Mary Rose's writings:

Wellness Shack of Eau Claire Benefit

Poppy Moelter, Troy Jackson, Savannah Rhae, Nora Bates
Mental Health

The Wellness Shack is a consumer-run non-profit organization for adults with mental illness, working to educate the public about mental illness and to eliminate some of the misperceptions and stigma with mental illness through self-education, socialization, and accepting yourself. The October 12th, 2007 benefit featured music performed by Poppy Moelter & Troy Jackson, and poetry written by Savannah Rhae & Nora Bates.

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