Redwoods, Poisons, Free Speech & Medicinal Pot - Healing Work from Mendocino

Ed Nieves
Ed Nieves

Ed Nieves is coordinator of the Mendicino Environmental Center (MEC) in Ukiah, CA, a place and an organization which has been at the center of cutting edge change to improve the world, starting locally. Saving the Redwoods, banning pesticides & herbicides, legalizing medical marijuana, protecting free speech - there's a locus of community healing issuing from Mendocino County, MEC, and station KMEC-LP.

Fighting Fracking & Mining - Singing to Save Mother Earth

Brian Bethke
Bryce Black
Sara Thomsen
David Rovics
Sarah Pirtle
No Fracking!

The effective struggle to protect us against the destruction and desecration of the Earth draws on the powers of both mind and heart, and little can capture our hearts and open us to realities like a powerful song. We draw on the music and messages of Sarah Pirtle, David Rovics, Brian Bethke, Sara Thomsen, & Bryce Black to shine a light exposing the wrongs of fracking, mining for frac sands and copper, piping tar sands, and more.

Tar Sands vs Spirit Bear - Fighting the Northern Gateway Pipeline

Jim Backus
Elizabeth Shopes
Ta'Kaiya Blaney
Tar Sands vs Spirit Bear

One of the multiple pipelines proposed to carry tar sands out of Canada is the Northern Gateway Pipeline. It would go through North America's only remaining temperate rain forest and a refuge with exceptional and threatened wildlife, including the Spirit Bear.

Yosemite, Dumpster Diving, & Correcting Native History - Fiction Toward Truth

Peter Brown Hoffmeister
Peter Brown Hoffmeister

Peter Brown Hoffmeister's new book, Graphic the Valley, wraps readers in an adventure that connects us to the Earth (Yosemite in particular), replaces the official lies of history with the truth, and introduces us to useful skills like dumpster diving, all while thrilling the reader with human foibles and triumphs.

Love Your Planet Comedy Night

Tane Danger
The Theater of Public Policy

Improvisational humor is an awesome tool used by The Theater of Public Policy (t2p2.net) to find new ways forward in public discourse. Co-founded by Tane Danger & Brandon Boat in 2011, they've tackled a surprisingly wide variety of issues with their creative and disarming approach, including farm policy, robotics, clean water, and religion. Back on Feb 15th they performed for the Love Your Planet Comedy Night sponsored by Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light.

Earth Movements & Music - Current Issues, Actions, and Songs

Si Kahn
Chuck LeMonds
Tom Neilson
Pat Humphries
Alice Di Micele
Earth Day 2014

A number of musicians sharing their songs about the environmental issues of our day (and progress being made) - fracking, frac sand mining, the loss of the honeybees, global warming, incineration, fossil fuels, and mining. Includes Si Kahn, Tom Neilson, Chuck LeMonds, Emma's Revolution, and Alice Di Micele.

Nuclear Sanity? Investigating Nuclear Power

Karen Street
Karen Street

Karen Street had a jarring experience in 1995 - she found that her prejudices and beliefs opposing nuclear power were ill-founded, and that the alternatives were doing much greater damage to people, other animals & the Earth. Carefully researched and examined, Karen provides a compelling, compassionate case for using nuclear power.


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