The End of Juvenile Prison

Nell Bernstein
Nell Bernstein

Burning Down the House: The End of Juvenile Prison, by Nell Bernstein, takes an unflinching look at the travesty we call juvenile prison. She has an unequivocal solution - get rid of them. With some 20 years of knowing the system and by telling the stories of the victims of it, Nell explores the history, reform, trends, and consequences of the "reformatories" which do the exact opposite of their supposed purpose.

Grace Goes To Prison

Melanie Snyder
Melanie Snyder
Melanie G. Snyder is author of Grace Goes To Prison which tells the story of Grace Marie Hamilton's growing and deepening work in Pennsylvania prisons, covering a wide variety of initiatives and programs aimed at reforming, improving and humanizing the lives of prisoners. Melanie also interacts with the legal system in her work as a restorative justice mediator.  

WNPJ Awards - Esther Heffernan & Prison Reform

Esther Heffernan
Steve Burns

The Wisconsin Network for Peace & Justice will be presenting its Lifetime Achievement award on October 3, 2009. One awardee, Esther Heffernan, is a Dominican nun and Sociology prof at Edgewood College, with a lifetime concern for prison reform. Steve Burns, program coordinator for WNPJ also joins us.

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