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Jillian Rae
Jillian Rae

Jillian Rae says that she's got music genre ADD, unable to stay focused on any one genre of music. Trained in classical music on the violin, she's likely to be on stage singing and playing pop, cosmic country, old-school folk, hard rock and anything else in reach. You can see her in person at the Great River Folk Festival, August 28-30, 2015.

Cain's Blood - Michael Johnson's Song of the Soul

Michael Johnson
photo of Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson journeys between folk, rock, & country charts, reaching the tops of the respect charts over the decades, with probing lyrics and excellent guitar. Recently returned from Nashville to the Twin Cities, Michael is making music with Red House Records & exploring connections with his newly-discovered daughter.

See Beyond - Chris Van Cleave's Song of the Soul

Chris Van Cleave
Chris Van Cleave

Chris Van Cleave has a long and many-textured career with music - as part of the folk-rock band Meadow, writing & performing a lot of his own music, but also performing in several musicals, including a couple national tours in the title role of Jesus Christ Superstar. He's also co-written a rock/gospel musical called The Davidson Affair

Blue Pills and Butterflies - Annie Lanzillotto's Song of the Soul

Annie Lanzillotto
photo of annie

Annie Lanzillotto rocks it! Soulful, quirky, sweet, brash, indomitable, she produces a variety of art - 3 rock/blues/spoken word CDs (Blue Pill, Carry My Coffee, and Eleven Recitations), a memoir, L is for Lion: An Italian Bronx Butch Freedom Memoir, a book of poetry, Schistsong, and much more performance art, some available on her site.

There is a River - Phil Circle's Song of the Soul

Phil Circle
photo of Phil Circle showing a tatto on his left shoulder

Phil Circle, now in Wisconsin's Chippewa Valley, spent most of 2 decades in Chicago. Trained in classical, influenced in jazz directions by a visit to New Orleans when he was 7, and walking in Eric Clapton's guitar-steps, Phil combines rich and diverse influences as a singer/songwriter.

Change Is Gonna Come - Kiya Heartwood's Song of the Soul

Kiya Heartwood
photo of Kiya Heartwood peering out from within a red hooded sweatshirt

Kiya Heartwood has an amazing assemblage of musical influences, from folk to hard rock and punk rock, plus her degree in composing. She was with Radio Cafe, then on Arista records with Stealin Horses, and settled into a long spell with Miriam Davidson as Wishing Chair, and CDs & books by Kiya and Meg Barnhouse are available at

Watchmen from Castles In Air - Chris Picco's Song of the Soul

Chris Picco
Chris Picco

Chris Picco is lead singer of Castles In Air, a Christian Indie band in Southern California. He's originally from Canada and part of his path to settling here with his American wife included a period in NYC helping out after 9/11/2001. His love of music is profound as you'll see on youtube, as is his Christian faith.

I Wish I Were Krishna - Lon Milo DuQuette's Song of the Soul

Lon Milo DuQuette

Lon Milo DuQuette is a stunning combination of sweet music, profundity, hilarity, and love. With a career as a folk/rock musician from the precocious age of 14, through many employment variants including his 15 books and position as US Deputy Grand Master of Ordo Templi Orientis, Lon has word and song riches to pour out.

Russ Downs' Song of the Soul

Russ Downs
photo of Russ Downs

Singer/songwriter Russ Downs has been making music of many sorts for a couple decades - pop, rock, rockabilly, Christian, and more. Arlington, VA, is home with some time in Nashville, and his religious travels have taken him from non-practicing Methodist to Unitaritarian Universalist. Russ has an independent and compassionate mind, and plenty of heart in his songs.

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