Evolutionary Cultural Design

Pamela Boyce Simms

Pamela Boyce Simms refers to herself as a Buddhist-Quaker Evolutionary Culture designer. She has worked as convenor of the Mid-Atlantic Transition Hub (MATH), and currently represents Quaker Earthcare Witness at the United Nations. New Jersey born-and-raised, Pamela's journey has included decades living in West Africa and living in a Buddhist monastery.

Healing Burns at a Distance - Fire Burn Doctor

Alison McDermott
Charles Barnhardt
Mary Badham
Vitaly Korobov
Greg Trail (in Excerpts)
Healing Burns at a Distance - Fire Burn Doctor

Fireburn Doctor provides a simple, free, miraculous, service - healing of your burns with a single phone call. It sounds absolutely unbelievable, but what are we to believe when the evidence is there? We visit with Alison McDermott of the Fireburn Doctor team & 3 who've experienced it - former Judge Charles Barnhardt, actress Mary Badham, Vitaly Korobov of the US Patent & Trademark office. Plus, in Excerpts, a 3-time user, 1998 Mr.

The Whole-Brain Path to Peace - James Olson

James Olson

James Olson is the author of The Whole-Brain Path to Peace about the role of left and right brain dominance in the polarization and reunification of America. It's an investigation into the effects of brain perspective on government, corporate life, war, and our personal lives. James Olson is a management-trained philosopher with studies in business, engineering, art, eastern and western religion, yoga, qigong, neuro-linguistic programming, philosophy and brain perspective. Plus, he's a former farmer & church deacon.

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