Trans Dude in NC

Liam Hooper
Liam Hooper

North Carolina in 2017 is surely not the most welcoming place for a trans guy, yet it's where Liam Hooper is doing the work he's called to do. As Minister of Welcome & Beyond at Parkway UCC, Winston Salem, NC, Liam delivers a message of inclusion and strength to government, institutions, and individuals all around the state, rabble-rousing, preaching, and lecturing to make a difference.

More Light - Christopher Grundy's Song of the Soul

Christopher Grundy

Christopher Grundy is a UCC minister and teaches at Eden Theological Seminary in St Louis and he's one of the founders of a group called the Progressive Christian Artists Network. His songs are filled with vivid images and diverse subjects, including even one ghost story!

Welcoming LGBT and the Other - Equality Wisconsin Voices of Faith Project

Lizzi Dahlk
David Huber
Scott Miller
Equality Wisconsin

Lizzi Dahlk, Voices of Faith Coordinator of Equality Wisconsin, works to unite people of faith in making Wisconsin a more welcoming & just place for LGBT folks and all folks who get treated as "Other". Today she's joined by David Huber of Plymouth UCC and Scott Miller of First Lutheran Church, both in Eau Claire.

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