Miracle Water

David Albert
David Alpert

We mostly take it for granted in the USA, but many places in the world are risking their lives to have a drink of water. In the midst of rape, war, & crushing poverty, Friendly Water for the World performs & witnesses miracles. Using appropriate technology & native ingenuity, the organization helps people in decimated areas of Africa & India to find new, transformed life. David Albert is co-founder and board chairman.

Medical Students Putting It On The Line

Callie O'Neil
Michelle Buelow
Betsy Doherty
Joseph Hansen
Kevin Thao
UW-Madison Logo

Recipients of the 2008 McGovern-Tracy Scholarships "exemplify the values of community service and leadership", and we visit with 5 of the med students recognized this year: Callie O'Neil, Michelle Buelow, Betsy Doherty, Joseph Hansen and Kevin Thao - great examples of the promise of the the upcoming generation of doctors.


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