How Corporations are Remaking America

Gordon Lafer

One of the most informative & persuasive writers ever, Gordon Lafer is author of The One Percent Solution: How Corporations are Remaking America One State At A Time. Both empowering & maddening, the piercing exposé of the destruction of labor & the middle class by moneyed interests is essential to mounting an effective reply. Gordon Lafer is a political economist and Associate Professor at the Labor Education and Research Center of the University of Oregon in Eugene.

You Cannot Hold the Flame

Joe Jencks
Joe Jencks

The music of Joe Jencks burns in the heart of the listener, both with his lyrics and his powerful voice. The stories and poetry of his songs lift up a vision of love, compassion and solidarity without preaching or posturing - just solid, inspirational music. In addition to a wealth of solo performing, he's now part of a trio called Brother Sun. As Joe says in one of his songs, "You may hold the candle but you cannot hold the flame".

Workers vs Owners: Shafted

Stephen Ivancic
Stephen Ivancic

In Incident at the Bruce Mine Shaft, Stephen Ivancic uses historical fiction to highlight the real life issues around workers, unions, and opportunistic capitalists. Set in the iron mines of Northern Minnesota in the 1920s and focusing on the Finnish workers, some communist, some not, Stephen helps us to understand the dynamics of individualism, community, and power.

Move to Amend - Fighting Corporate Power AGAIN!

Rick Jurmain
Move to Amend

MoveToAmend.org is a nationwide effort to reverse the Citizens United Supreme Court Decision. Rick Jurmain, engineer, co-owner of a very successful local corporation, and founder of Chippewa Valley Move to Amend, is passionate about reclaiming the people's rightful place over corporations, again, and he helps us learn from the historical record of American's rising up against corporate tyrants.


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