We're All In Heaven

Sarah Vos
Sarah Vos

Sarah Vos is a founder and lead vocalist of Dead Horses. With poise, depth, and beauty, she and the band take listeners on a sensuous and soulful glide through layers of experience and meaning. With language that is evocative and comforting, Sarah welcomes you into a piece of heaven. They appeared at the Great River Folk Festival in LaCrosse, WI, August 27, 2016.

Inclusion, Justice, Politics, Home, & A Guitar

Peter Leidy
Peter Leidy

Peter Leidy does his work of building inclusion predominantly in the area of disabilities, and with considerable creativity, often writing new songs or crafting new lyrics for existing tunes to tell a story or convey a lesson. Whether the topic is disabilities or social justice, or politics or a sense of home, Peter brings tremendous wit and deep passion to the teachable moment.

Featured Music:

The Red Road (to Nashville?)

Bill Miller

Bill Miller is a 3-time Grammy Awards winner, a Mohican Indian from Northern Wisconsin, and a Nashville-based singer-songwritter of incredible & diverse musical talents. He'll be the headliner at LaCrosse, WI's Great River Folk Festival Sunday afternoon concert, August 27, 2017.

Past/current religious/spiritual influences:

Baptist, Catholic, Evangelical Christian, Native American

How Corporations are Remaking America

Gordon Lafer

One of the most informative & persuasive writers ever, Gordon Lafer is author of The One Percent Solution: How Corporations are Remaking America One State At A Time. Both empowering & maddening, the piercing exposé of the destruction of labor & the middle class by moneyed interests is essential to mounting an effective reply. Gordon Lafer is a political economist and Associate Professor at the Labor Education and Research Center of the University of Oregon in Eugene.

Ballet & Shanty, Folk Troubadour

David H.B. Drake
David H.B. Drake

David HB Drake has deep Wisconsin roots, and deep knowledge of Wisconsin's music, wonderfully exhibited in his Wiscon-Sing history of the state's music. His decades of endeavors have included his years dancing with the Milwaukee Ballet & Betty Salamun's Dance Circus, and serving as shantyman on the tall ship, HMS Bounty.

Lumberjacks & Irishmen

Brian Miller
Brian Miller

Brian Miller has a great passion for the Irish music and traditional songs of Great Lakes workers. He knows the legends, people, & places, to a science, steeped in art. Raised in Northern Minnesota, enriched & deepened in Ireland and other lands, Brian plies his trade from St Paul, MN. Check out his TheLostForty.com collection recordings from 1924.

2nd Madison Station to Broadcast NSR - Hooray for FUS!

WMUU Banner

Northern Spirit Radio is now up on a 2nd Madison radio station, thanks to the folks at WMUU Radio That Mooves You (I like their sense of humor, btw), 102.9 LPFM in Madison. Because it's low-power FM, kind of in the heart of Madison, it will only reach perhaps 100 or 200,000 potential listeners. 

WMUU is owned by the First Unitarian Society, and we're proud to have the connection with folks with a very shared view on both activism, world healing, and spirituality.

Milwaukee's Singing Lawyer

Mike Plaisted
Mike Plaisted

Mike Plaisted lives out multiple passions, in part through his work as a lawyer performing a vital role in the lives of his clients, especially with folks in Drug Court, but also through his performing music, something that deeply feeds Mike. He's a member of the Milwaukee Musicians Co-op, and performs regularly on Riverwest Radio.


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