Venerable Women

Dawn Morningstar
Dawn Morningstar

Today's topic is Venerable Women: Transform Ourselves, Transform the World, a book and work into which Dawn Morningstar was launched by a statement by the Dalai Lama, "The world will be saved by the Western woman". As a Master Coach from Learning Journeys, a former DJ in the Twin Cities on a show called Delicious Conversations, and as a passionate advocate for love, light and laughter, Dawn seeks healing & strength for a better world.

Pro-Voice: Truce in the Abortion Wars

Aspen Baker
Aspen Baker

For decades there has been a political war about abortion where the only acceptable answers were pro-choice or pro-life. Aspen Baker, founder of Exhale & author of Pro-Voice: How to Keep Listening When The World Wants a Fight, has been advocating for empathic listening to women who've had abortions as a new path to peace in the abortion wars.

Uncovering Black Independence History (& More)

Gretchen Woelfle
Gretchen Woelfle

In Mumbet's Declaration of Independence, Gretchen Woelfle, brings to life the true story of Elizabeth Freeman (Mumbet), whose efforts & determination led slavery to be declared unconstitutional in Massachusetts in 1783. Gretchen writes books for youth on a variety of social justice & environmental topics.

Raging Grannies Are Conspiring

Bonnie Block
Rebecca Alwin
Barbara Park
Raging Grannies

The Raging Grannies of Madison, Wisconsin are part of a nationwide & international movement of women singing and standing for peace, justice, and creation. Three of the Madison group - Bonnie Block, Rebecca Alwin, & Barbara Park, speak of the motives, methods, & movement of older women and the songs they sing to change our world.

Spirited Government - Sweden & Pennsylvania's Holy Experiment

Jason Penn Browne
Julia Ryberg
William Penn's Legacy

2 guests consider whether govt can do Spirit work on Earth. Jason Penn Browne, author of William Penn's Legacy, writes about the many ways that Penn's Holy Experiment influenced the development of the USA. Julia Ryberg has lived in Sweden for 30+ years, experiencing a progressive system based on the entwining of church & state.

The Freedom Song of Sara Thomsen

Sara Thomsen
Sara Thomsen

Sara Thomsen is strongly called to heal the world through her music. One of her songs, "Is It For Freedom", has been heard repeatedly on Democracy Now, because of its poignant call for our nation's self-examination following 9-11. Her concerns are wide - women, LGBT issues, care for creation, peace and more - and she writes and sings with soul-deep sensitivity.

All the songs in this program are performed by Sara Thomsen

Sr Judie (Judith Ann) Wagener - A Life of Community and Service

Judie Wagener

Judith Ann Wagener has been a School Sister of Notre Dame since 1961, a period that has seen vast changes in American society and in the Catholic Church. She started as a teacher but followed a leading into pastoral ministry over 20 years ago, for the last 9 with St James the Greater Catholic Church in Eau Claire.

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