When Daddies Aren't Heroes


Wendy Martin

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Wendy Martin

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Wendy Martin is part country, folk, Americana, and rock, but she is completely a golden throat and a golden heart. She wrote her first song, a really viable song complete with harmonies & instrumentation, at age 5, so it's a great pity that shyness and care for her children and family delayed the release of her musical gifts to the world by decades. She's here now, a great reason to be thankful for her voice, lyrics, & stories.

Past/current religious/spiritual influences:
Catholic, Native American, Non-affiliated 

All the songs in this program are written & performed by Wendy Martin:
Ride - not yet released
My Son - from Wendy Martin
Eyes of the Children - from Wendy Martin 
When Daddys Aren’t Heroes - not yet released
Keeping Time - not yet released

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Thank you

Thank you for your thought provoking and moving interview. It’s refreshing to hear music and thought that runs deeper than what is normally available, I will tune in for more in the future.

Songs of the Soul

I thoroughly enjoyed this interview. Great music Wendy and great conversation. Thank you to Mark with Northern Spirit Radio and Wendy Martin for your inspiring music.

Wendy you are so talented.

Wendy you are so talented. God has given you a gift to sing. You have a beautiful voice.

Your voice is so beautiful

Your voice is so beautiful and your lyrics are so moving!! I wish I could hear you sing in person! I so enjoyed listening to you in this interview.

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