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Jen Hazen

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Jen Hazen

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Jen Hazen has deep honesty and an awesome laugh, and both come through in the way she lights up the stage as part of the many constellations of music she occupies: Jenny & the Lost BoysJenny & the JetsGirl BandMilk & Whiskey, and Weapons of Brass Destruction, among others. In Jen's blog, you can learn more about Jen and her Music Heals recovery work with music at Arbor Place (and get the CD too).

Past/current religious/spiritual influences:

Evangelical Christian, Non-affiliated

All the songs in this program are on the Music Heals CD, written & performed by Jen Hazen & friends, unless otherwise noted:

Prison Runs In My Family
Barbed Wire Kiss
Shotgun Lullaby
Muses & Angels - by Davey J

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Thank you!

Thank you, Mark Helpsmeet and Northern Spirit Radio, for this interview!!!

Such honesty!

It's wonderful. Thank you for your honesty, and for all you do to make this world a better place.


great interview!

Wonderful guests!

Thank you all for listening! I had no idea how far reaching Northern Spirit Radio is, and how many area musicians have been interviewed by Mark Helpsmeet. You can help support him by spreading the word. Some of his interviews include: Jim Phillips; Jeff White; David Jones, and Ellen Whyte.

Inspiring soul

Great interview Jennifer. Thanks for all you're doing, and thanks for sharing your story and experience. :-) You're an inspiring soul.

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