Spirit in Action

Each week, Spirit In Action brings you stories of people living lives of fruitful service, of peace, community, compassion, creative action and progressive efforts. We will trace the spiritual roots that support and nourish them in their service. Above all, we will seek out Light, Love and Helping Hands, being shared between our many neighbors on this planet, hoping to inspire and encourage you to sink deep roots and produce sacred fruit in your own life.

Song of the Soul

Song of the Soul invites you to a soul-level encounter. Music has the ability to proclaim the soul's language beyond what mere words can speak. That's what we seek as we invite our guests to share their Song of the Soul. You will hear the music that has charted the steps of their spiritual journey, that has provided a touchstone in the soul's dark night, and sung the hearts awe and joy when come to the Light. As you listen to Song of the Soul, you are both witness and companion to our guest's spiritual path and sacred testimony.

History and Our Best Future

Brief commentary on today's issues with the benefit of historical context. Myron Buchholz taught high school history for 34, hoping to inspire informed citizens with a real grasp of the facts and our options. Myron's activism extends well beyond the classroom and into the streets and the halls of government. 

Citizens' Climate Radio

Citizens Climate Radio is a monthly podcast and a project of Citizens Climate Education. Please subscribe to the Citizens Climate Lobby iTunes channel or wherever you listen to audio programs, and please share, rate, and review

Bible Bash Podcast

In each episode of Bible Bash Podcast, Peterson and co-host, Liam Michael Hooper, a Trans Bible scholar, take turns presenting the text. They then discuss. In addition, each episode they present another text, a non-Biblical text of note--religious or secular--that may or may not correspond to the Bible text.

Bible Bash Podcast is a project of Ministries Beyond Welcome and a part of the Rock Candy Network.

Cool Solutions

Cool Solutions shares stories about people and communities protecting our climate from the bottom up.  During this time when our federal government is moving backwards, it is critical that grassroots climate action go forward. Our goal is to inform, empower, and inspire by sharing the stories of successful projects around the country.

Every Day Nonviolence

Every day there are people in our local and global community who are using the tactics and principles of nonviolence to transform the world around us. Our podcast focuses on telling these stories to highlight those who are joining us in our journey to create a world free from violence and the threat of violence.

Acting in Faith

Acting in Faith explores the intersection of Quaker faith and social justice by sharing the stories of the work of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), a Quaker organization founded in 1917 by a group of young Quakers committed to nonviolent peacemaking. AFSC now works around the country and the world, addressing both the needs of those effected by violence, as well as the roots of injustice.

NSR Highlights

Highlights from periodic Northern Spirit Radio programs, providing a sampling of some of the riches of the full shows.


Sprouts offers selected interviews from Spirit in Action or Song of the Soul shortened to 30 minutes.