Ann Arbor's Banjo-toting Shoemaker


Paul Tinkerhess

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Paul Tinkerhess

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In the hours when Paul Tinkerhess is not repairing Birkenstock footwear for the people of Ann Arbor, he finds other ways to nurture his town - by organizing the Water Hill Music Fest, by keeping winter sidewalks walkable with Snow Buddy, and by sharing his banjo-playing and song-writing talents generously in the cause of community. A CD of the live music from this interview will be available for sale at, the only current source of Paul's music!


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The thing itself

Paul you are so Paul,
you are the thing that is Paul
without the name being anything at all.

Loved the bits on Odetta, localism vs commercialism and Tinkerhess. Yes!

Paul Tinkerhess

Thanks for a great show! It was great to hear Paul tell his story through such soulful songs and lovely guitar playing. Inspiring!

A Godsend of positive & optimistic comfort - love Paul's songs

Your programs have been a godsend this year, and most have been broadcast at least once on WUML. To be able to present material that is positive and optimistic, among the many horrors that have passed as news this year, is a great comfort. 

I'm particularly grateful to you for sharing the Paul Tinkerhess interview and the three songs, especialy the Quaker Waltz. Our Meeting needs a history song like that, though I'm not sure I'm the right one to write it. Our daughter, Iona, lives in Ann Arbor, working as a fiber artist and also for the University. She has not found a spiritual home in Ann Arbor Meeting, though she grew up as an active participant in New England Yearly Meeting and went to Earlham, but we were impressed with the supportive qualities of Ann Arbor Meeting when we have visited.

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