Another Trip Around the Sun


Lindy Gravelle

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Lindy Gravelle

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From Tillamook to Nashville, to Bend, Lindy Gravelle has always been all about music. And Friendz. And Love. Growing up part of a family band, having 9 CDs of her own, and with her enduring local following in Bend (and elsewhere), Lindy's voice, piano, and, sometimes, guitar & uke, are enchanting and moving.

All the songs in this program are written & performed by Lindy Gravelle:
Music & Me
In a Word
Another Trip Around the Sun
Tell the Ones You Love You Do


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What a beautiful voice she

What a beautiful voice she has. Thanks for this interview; I'm always looking for music with meaning or a story to tell.

I loved hearing a show from

I loved hearing a show from Lindy, especially one with such a spiritual side. I was one of her groupies in Oregon more than 30 years ago and am very glad that we've somehow stayed in touch all of these years, even though our paths have taken us in very different directions. Wonderful work, Lindy!!

Hi Mark, First of all, let me

Hi Mark, First of all, let me tell you that I love you! Gotcha! Ha! I finally had enough break in the action to listen to the show from beginning to end and I wasn't too embarrassed by my self! Ha! And I thought your editing was wonderful and smooooth, just like YOU! Thank you again for having me as a guest on Song of the Soul. It was an honor and I wish you continued success with it. Love you again, Lindy Gravelle

Lindy sings with such soul

Lindy sings with such soul and conviction. It is always such a treat to see her live performances, she is a true entertainer. Her piano skills are unbelievable and when they are coupled with her singing ability it is pure joy! Thank you for having her on your show.

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