Awakening Men - Ebenezer's Make Over, Part 2


Peter Alsop

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Conclusion of a musical adventure into awakening men via Ebenezer's Make OverPeter Alsop's eye-opening reconceptualization of Ebenezer Scrooge facing dysfunctional manhood presented by the 3 ghosts of the Christmas Carol, rewritten. How do men support one another & our kids, and not kill each other & themselves, own their bodies, and work together.

Featured Music from Ebenezer's Make Over (plus one other song):

The Hug - written & performed by <a data-cke-saved-href="" href="" target="_blank>Fred Small
Gotta Lotta Livin To Do - written & performed by Peter Alsop
Give Yourself a Hand - written & performed by Peter Alsop
Kill The Children - written & performed by Peter Alsop
Foolish Notion - written & performed by Holly Near
The Matador - written by Geof Morgan, performed by Charlie Murphy
It's My Penis - written by Geof Morgan, performed by Peter Alsop
Singing For Our Lives - written & performed by Holly Near
Earth Song - from Chris Moose Holidays

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