Into Beauty


Laurie Childers

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Laurie Childers

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Laurie Childers lives out a stunning world of art and activism in Corvalis, Oregon. She performs both solo and with her band, the River Rocks, and her activism takes a number of forms, including her work as chair of the National Council of the Fellowship of Reconciliation. Beautiful music from a beautiful spirit.

All the songs in this program are written & performed by Laurie Childers (and friends), and they are all from her latest CD, Into Beauty:
Into Beauty
Too Many Names
Singing Freedom
When the War is Over
Love Lifts Us
Mystic Child
Firelight/Fearless and Free



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Wonderful contribution to humanity...

Wow, Mark, you did a FABULOUS job! It’s very easy to listen to, pleasant, interesting, varied - I can’t believe how much of my life you squeezed in there. Thank you so very much. I’m having fun sending the link around the world. Again, thank you so much. What a wonderful contribution to make to humanity.

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