The Blue Garden of Midwest Urban Folk


Annie Capps

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Annie Capps

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The voice of Annie Capps transports the listener on a tour of her Midwest Urban Folk Blue Garden, filled with twang, jazz, soul,& hoochy coo flora, and more. With exquisite instrumentation by Rod Capps and others, Annie's songs are moving, joyful, fun, and powerful. Radiating from Michigan, Annie Capps shines a rich bouquet of music across the nation.

Past/current religious/spiritual influences:

Catholic, Non-Affiliated

All songs in this program are written & performed by Annie Capps:

Honey, Sugar, Baby, Mine - from My Blue Garden
The Ring - from In This Town
In This Town - from In This Town
My Blue Garden - from My Blue Garden
Strange Like That - from Searching for Neverland
When My Time Comes - from In This Town

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The interview

If there were a sixth star, that's where I'd put my vote. You've included the songs I love best, even though I have trouble picking a "best." Excellent interview with wonderful history of your life and your creative process.
Thanks so much for including the link in your email.

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