Body, Mind, Spirit (Moving) - The Oct 30-31 Conference at UW-Stout


Bob Salt
Selene Vega

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The 13th Body, Mind, Spirit conference and preconference is a rich platter of inner and outer healing for the world. Bob Salt helped found the event and has his own powerful acedemic and spiritual resources to share. Selene Vega will be co-presenting at the preconference on Inner Ethics: Examining Countertransference with Compassion with Kylea Taylor, and shares from her rich and varied spiritual and psychological resources.

Info and registration via the Body, Mind, Spirit Conference web site or call (715) 232-2793


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thanks, Mark. Nicely done.

thanks, Mark. Nicely done. I appreciate your efforts. 1 minor correction the phone number is 232-2793. You had the numbers out of order in the box. many thanks!!!!

Thanks for the interview

Thanks, Bob, for the interview and the correction on the phone number - I tend to be somewhat dyslexic - by the way, did you hear about the dyslexic devil-worshipper who screwed up and sold his soul to Santa?

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