Brahman Shaman/Matt Olson's Song of the Soul


Brahman Shaman/Matt Olson

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Brahman Shaman/Matt Olson

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Brahman Shaman is Matt Olson and Brahman Shaman is what he's about. Raised Catholic, drawn to the spirituality of the East, led to connect with real-Earth living, Matt searches for answered to his questions through his music.

All the songs in this program are performed by Brahman Shaman, from his CD, Animist:
Great Escape
Spoke of The Wheel
Capture What Alludes You
Nowhere Left To Go
To Educate
Lost At Sea
Ancient Man



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Brahman Shaman interview

I enjoyed hearing in-depth explanations about the songs. It is interesting how they take on a life of their own. Also, it is hopeful to me to hear conversations like this going on between people who used to be strangers. Great insights. Thank you both for your influence.

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