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Neal Swanger

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Neal Swanger

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Neal Swanger makes fine music with simple, earthy, lyrics & melodies, connecting listeners to the land & the heart. When mixed in with his work with Folk 'n' Thieves and with the kids of the ReUse Band, a project of the Urban Arts Academy of the Twin Cities, you're in for some great music and great fun.

All the songs in this program are by Neal Swanger unless otherwise indicated:

Michigan Moon  
My Hands  
Old Farm  
Wall Street Folk 'n' Thieves
Song of Loss  
Big Bad Mike ReUse Band

A special thanks to the youth from Allie and Aaron's class at the Urban Arts Academy.


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Thanks for featuring Neal

Thanks for featuring Neal Swanger and his song Lake Michigan. As a girl from Northern MN now living in the cities I can completely relate!! Excellent musician!

This was such a treat to

This was such a treat to listen to the interview with Neal Swanger and to hear the stories behind his music. This is my first time hearing Northern Spirit Radio, long distance from the East Coast. Mark Helpsmeet is a thoughtful interviewer with an ability to connect and facilitate meaningful conversation with his guest and I admire both Neal and Mark for purposefully leading with their hearts in what they are up to. The Urban Arts Academy piece was the icing on the cake!

Great show! I'm glad you

Great show! I'm glad you highlighted Neal Swanger, a talented, local artist.

great interview with neal

great interview with neal swanger. his talents are many, as he mentors young musicians as well as he sings!

It was great listening to

It was great listening to Neal's songs. Your questions and comments to Neal were very good. I enjoyed Neal's answers as well. But then I am a little prejudice as I am the song writer for "Big Bad Mike". My wife and I enjoyed it very much.

Great interview! What a great

Great interview! What a great balance of stories and music. I really enjoyed listening to both. Neal you have such a knack of giving such respect to those who have been influential to you. You are such an humble man, and such a great artist. Thankyou so much for sharing this with us.

Great show! My favorite song

Great show! My favorite song is the Lake Michigan song. I loved the interview. Very informing interview about this great young man who loves his wife. Neal is a star!

Going to make very good

Going to make very good songer writter and singer.

We really enjoyed the songs,

We really enjoyed the songs, the singing took us back to the days of Woody Guthrie. Very nice that he could rhyme Michigan so easily.

Neal, I enjoyed the show.

Neal, I enjoyed the show. Your songs are really good. Nice interview!

Thanks, Mark, for bringing

Thanks, Mark, for bringing Neal on to share his music and what lies behind it.

Mark, First of all thank you

Mark, First of all thank you for giving Neal the opportunity to be interviewed on your show. When I approached you at NYM I was unfamiliar with the format and content of your show. I do recall your request for a clearness committee about 5 or 6 years ago regarding this leading. You have a wonderfully comfortable interviewing style. It is comfortable for the listener as well as the interviewee. Although, I suspect there is some editing that may take place after the recording and some preliminary prepping prior to the interview the result is an enjoyable hour of listening for the audience. In this day and age of acerbic commentary, hyped outrage, and undisguised propoganda that is broadcast today, your program is refreshing. I look forward to visiting your archived programs and listening to future programs. Peace, Wayne Swanger

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