Carlton Schreiner's Song of the Soul


Carlton Schreiner

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cover of Carlton's CD "Love is the cure"

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Carlton has spent the past 2 years at an ashram in California, finding his way forward in his spiritual life. He's produced a CD Love Is The Cure that shares music he's been given, freeing him to skip past the ego battles that were such a part of his work as a counselor.

All songs from the CD Love Is The Cure by Carlton Schreiner:

Let's Fall in Love with God
You'll Never Be More Loved
Help Me To Love
Feel the Light
Cupid's Wine
Amazing Grace


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Great show! That was very

Great show! That was very inspiring - thank you so much!

That was a great show! Thanks

That was a great show! Thanks Carlton Schreiner for your stirring spiritual music! I bought your cd and look forward to more in the future.

It is a wonderful CD....

It is a wonderful CD.....fills you with Love for God and Mankind. am eagerly looking forward to Carlton Schreiner's next music CD. I hope to work with him in his "Ashram" some day. Carlton is truly a Divine soul!

'The world as a whole has

'The world as a whole has forgotten the real meaning of the word "love". Love has been so abused and crucified by man that very few people know what true love is. Just as oil is present in every part of the olive, so love permeates every part of creation. But to define love is very difficult, for the same reason that words cannot fully describe the flavor of an orange. You have to taste the fruit to know its flavor. So with love. All of you have tasted love in some form in your hearts; therefore you know a little about what it is. But you have not understood how to develop love, how to purify and expand it into divine love. A spark of this divine love exists in most hearts in the beginning of life, but is usually lost, because man does not know how to cultivate it.' (Paramahansa Yogananda, 1943, from The Divine Romance) Lots of joy on the way – back home – to the Divine!

First, I want to compliment

First, I want to compliment you on the format of you program, "Song of the Soul." Dividing the time between songs and commentary between you and your guest is both interesting and entertaining. A song may have universal meaning to the listeners, which is why we want to hear it again and again. Knowing the story behind the composing of the lyrics adds new interpretations and appreciation. Getting to meet the songwriter, the producer, the singer, the arranger, and the instrumentalist, as in the case of Carlton Schreiner, is a rare privilege. His CD "Love is the Cure" can be a cure for many ills in this world. For me, the calming influence of his special arrangement of "Amazing Grace" has slowed down the pulse of my rapid and irregular heartbeat. The energizing rhythms of other songs makes me want to sing a long or to dance, while bringing a message of hope, love, joy, and peace.. Thank you for bring this king of programming to the airwaves and the Internet.

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