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David Huber

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photo of David Huber looking thoughtful, tired, or both.

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David Huber has been serving as the pastor at the Plymouth Congregational UCC in Eau Claire since August of 2004. His taste in music is wide and innovative, and serves to open and balance the purely intellectual part of his character, and it's a pleasure to welcome him to Song of the Soul.

David's Song of the Soul includes the following music:

Requiem in Memory of My Father - Libera Me David J. Huber



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Excellent idea

I listened to the Song of the Soul, David Huber's selections. Excellent idea. I've always listened to music as essential to my spiritual journey. His selections by Zappa, Floyd, and Mahler were all particular favorites for me too. I remember listening to Zappa's 'outside now' late at night in a converted shed in the vines of Tuscany. and then wandering out past the little monastery to the cemetary. Floyd's 'pigs' was almost the soundtrack to my retreats in my tent at the foot of the Alps where they plunge into the mediterranean. Again. late at night, sitting on a massive boulder, the Alps behind, the Med below. Kevin

Wonderful as always

As always, David's choice of music is eclectic and wonderful.

I am amazed at how well...

I'm amazed at how well Mark can take 2 or 3 hours of somewhat unfocused rambling and edit it down into something that makes me seem incredibly eloquent and organized of thought. Thanks, Mark!

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