Death and Taxes - Karen Brandow


Karen Brandow

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Death & Taxes - Karen Brandow

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Karen Brandow is a political activist whose association with Charlie King has led her to use music as one of her tools for change. 2 issues at the forefront for Karen are War Taxes & The Death Penalty. Karen spent 8 years in Central America, doing accompaniment & other work, was raised in a culturally Jewish household, is trained as a spiritual director. Her primary spiritual practice is Buddhism.

Throughout the program I mispronounced the last syllable of her last name to rhyme with "cow" whereas the correct pronunciation would rhyme with "Joe". Sorry, Karen!

Music included in this program:

Don’t Pay Taxes   from Sparks and Tears, Charlie King & Karen Brandow
We are One   from Puppet Town, Charlie King & Karen Brandow
The Worst You’ve Ever Done   from Puppet Town, Charlie King & Karen Brandow
Ellis Unit One   by Steve Earle
Hey Little Ant   from Charlie King’s The Senseless Laughter of Whales
Break ‘em On Down   from On the Journey, Charlie King & Karen Brandow



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I know of the work of Charlie

I know of the work of Charlie King and Karen Brandow. Still, I found this interview and the accompanying music awe inspiring and will seek to share it with others. peace Sylvain

I enjoyed this show very much

I enjoyed this show very much. Karen Brandow's contentment with so little in the way of material things is inspirational, and the music was excellent.

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