Descendant of a Condemned Witch


Anne Hills

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Anne Hills is a folk music gem, prominent and still too little known. She has recorded & toured with Tom Paxton, David Roth, Priscilla Herdman & other greats, and she writes with wonderful depth & color, singing with great beauty.

All the songs in this program are performed by Anne Hills:
Exile - from Bittersweet Street
Pendle Hill - from Fourtold
Some Boats - from Bittersweet Street
Nighttime Falls - from Rhubarb Trees (with David Roth)
Enough - from Angle of the Light
The Moon's Song - from Points of View

BONUS SONG EXCERPT: That Kind of Grace - from Rhubarb Trees (with David Roth)
BONUS SONG EXCERPT: Follow That Road - from Angle of the Light
BONUS SONG EXCERPT: Romeo & Juliet - from Points of View
BONUS SONG EXCERPT: A Plain Song - from Points of View


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I didn't know anything about

I didn't know anything about Anne Hills, except that she has an absolutely perfect voice - I have heard her on a "Tribute to Pete Seeger" CD. Hers is the kind of voice you would enjoy even if you didn't know the language she was singing in. Turns out she had lots of interesting stories to tell also, and a kind and caring personality, as you would expect from a friend of Pete's. As I was listening to the program, two deer came peacefully walking through my garden outside the window in the middle of "Nighttime Falls". It was so beautiful I wept with joy. Thanks for a great program!

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