Eco-spirituality, Justice, and Sexuality


David Weiss

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David Weiss

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An article on the site announced Visiting theologian brings eco-spiritual approach to Lenten series, and so I discovered David Weiss, a deep thinker, poet, and diligent worker for justice, beauty, and grace in our world, particularly in the way we treat LGBT folks and the Earth. His work includes re-scripted hymns for a better world, and a wonderful children's book, When God Was a Little Girl, poetry, and much more. And we have our first installment ofMyron Buchholz, History & Our Best Future, this time on the minimum wage.


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Thank you for your good work!

Mark (and others at Northern Spirit Radio) - Thank you for your good work -- love knowing that a high quality show like this is out there.

Positive Deeds

I love your show, it has helped me to realize there are a lot more
folks out there doing positive deeds for our planet than I realized. I also
love it that you love music. I catch you on KZGM in the Missouri Ozarks. We
have got to be the smallest, least funded community radio station that ever
was so fantastic. (When the transmitter works) I feel like I am as connected
to the world as if I lived in a huge city.

Great candidate, great lyrics

I caught your show yesterday, and I wish I had a candidate like yours running for rep. And the theologian who works on the environment and LGBT issues, great interview. Great lyrics, though if he stays with the “sung to the tune of..” platform he might try some jazz standards or rock anthems. :-)

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