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Kevin Slick

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Kevin Slick

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Kevin Slick has Pennsylvanian roots, New York growth, and a Coloradan canopy. Sure, since he was 5, that music was where he was going, Kevin has been inspired by folks like Pete Seeger and the Beatles to find the soul of music. He has performed solo and with bands like Steel Pennies, Neo Pseudo, and The Amen Trio, and he's done many musical genres, including instrumental film scores, AND he wrote a song called Dancing Naked in God's Navel. There is much here to marvel at and glory in and move to.

Unless otherwise noted, all the songs in this program are written & performed by Kevin Slick:
Freedom Dance - from Initial
Quite Early Morning - written by Pete Seeger, from Balance
Powerful Voice (Paul Robeson Song) - performed by Two of a Kind on their CD, Connections
Pennsylvania Dream - performed by Steel Pennies on Pennsylvania Dream
Within me, the Light - from Random Images from an Unmarked Box
Moon Over Electric Canyon - performed by Neo Pseudo on Laughing Symbols: NoSono
Balance of Life - from Balance
BONUS EXCERPT: The Lark in the Clear Air - by The Amen Trio


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