Giftsongs and Blessings - Sally Campbell Song of the Soul


Sally Campbell

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photo of Sally Campbell in concert, singing and strumming an autoharp.

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Sally Campbell does not refer to herself as a musician so much as a "song catcher". Having been judged unacceptable for choir as a youth, she had to work on developing her singing & playing ability when she started receiving songs in 1982. For her 70th birthday she performed & recorded a concert of her music for a group of friends. That recording has become her CD, Giftsongs & Blessings, available for free, as part of the gift economy, if you simply email Sally.

All except the last of the songs listed below were written by Sally Campbell:

Give Us This Day A Gentle Song Sally CampbellAnnie Patterson
Go Down Low Sally CampbellLaura Dungan
Be Gentle With Yourself Sally CampbellAnnie PattersonLaura Dungan
I Don't Wanna Sally Campbell (& audience)
Beloved Belongings Sally Campbell (& audience)
Lullaby Sally CampbellAnnie PattersonLaura Dungan
Stillness of Stone Sally Campbell
Now Is the Moment Sally CampbellAnnie Patterson (& audience)
Hug a Friend Sally Campbell (& audience)
Chant Sally CampbellAnnie PattersonLaura Dungan (& audience)
Now Is the Cool of the Day performed by Annie Patterson, written by Jean Ritchie


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I happen to know Sally

I happen to know Sally Campbell, so I am not surprised at how delightful this show was - she is a beautiful spirit and transmits that through her singing! I also love your theme song!

Beautiful! Beautiful!

Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! And Sally has very kindly sent some of her wonderful CDs to share here next weekend at Tokyo Meeting! The songs are clear and simple and beautiful and profound, I know they'll be a big hit! Thank you Sally and thank you Mark!

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