Gonna Take it with Me: Sue Kranz's Song of the Soul


Sue Kranz

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Sue Kranz is a musical gift, and humble on top of that. Rooted in mindfulness meditation, thriving in nature, changing the world through activism and teaching, Sue shares a beautiful soul, voice, guitar and flute, helping the world be a better place. Starting as a solo act, she has delighted in performing with a 6-woman group, Constellations, and currently partners with Ben Tousley, previously on Song of the Soul. Contact Sue to get her earlier recordings.

All the songs in this program are written & performed by Sue Kranz unless otherwise noted:

Jamie  by Hedge Capers, from Weaving Women (cassette)
The Muse at Jackson Hole from Long Past the Hour
Faith in the Air from Long Past the Hour
Every Flower from Cambridgeport's Greatest Hits
En Frente De Todo from Take Heart
Gonna Take it with Me from Take Heart, with Ben Tousley



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What a voice! What a woman!

What a voice! What a woman! Her story was so engaging and cohesive. I really enjoyed listening to this. The interview mentioned that there was some supplementary material on this website, but I couldn't find it.

I found the supplemental

I found the supplemental material, thanks.

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