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Peter Mayer

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Peter Mayer

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Peter Mayer is a Minnesotan singer/songwriter - but also a storyteller, dreamweaver and earth-based theologian, mixing science, spirituality & wonder. Raised Catholic, having spent important years in a Jesuit seminary and as a Catholic music leader, he now travels spiritually with Unitarian-Universalists.

All the songs in this program are performed by Peter Mayer:

Holy Now   from Million Year Mind
Do You Really Want to Know   from Heaven Below
All the World is One   from Heaven Below
God is a River   from Midwinter
My Soul   from Midwinter
John's Garden   from Million Year Mind



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Great show. I'm also a former

Great show. I'm also a former catholic and while I learned some important ideas from it, I don't miss it at all. The worship I had this morning with a small circle of Friends outside in the sun with birds singing was better than any church service I've been to.

Since I felt the desire to

Since I felt the desire to come back to this show and listen to the whole thing again, it must mean I liked it. Peter's music really speaks to the way I see the meaning of this life of ours.

Love Peter Mayer. Thanks for

Love Peter Mayer. Thanks for featuring him. How about featuring him again. He has some great new music since this one was recorded!

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